2020 – An interesting year

The Dragon's Back (aka Buck Hill) with Bertie So it has been a very long time since I posted. A lot has happened - fortunately all I've had to cope with is getting locked down which to be honest I've not found too hard. My key race for this year was due to be SDW100... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding Body And Soul

I'll admit it, I've found the process of dealing with dropping out of my key race this year hard to deal with.  Writing my last blog post was cathartic and helped but I'm still not running "properly". So after the race I ended up taking a couple of weeks more or less complete rest.  Part... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Disappointment

Well Sept 21st was my big race of the season.  The Dig Deep Ultra marathon from Sheffield with 60 glorious miles of Derbyshire hills, climbs and magnificent views. My training over the summer has been a mixed bag.  Like every season, the time seems to just have evaporated and well intentioned plans and targets have... Continue Reading →

Strava Goals 2019

Wow, its already Feburary. This last month I've been thinking of Strava goals.  Like most people I tend to log all my workouts on Strava, not as a means to show off but its a useful way to keep track of what I've done. If I don't upload something to Strava it tends to mean... Continue Reading →

Future Goals

I think I've just decided on attempting a century run. I'm up in the NE visiting Anna's gran and over breakfast we were talking about goals for next year and beyond. There are so many things to try to fit in. I was inspired by supporting Anna this autumn at the Euro Duathlon championships so... Continue Reading →

Different levels of insanity

People ask me why I run.  Sometimes I ask myself the same question. I work in IT and unfortunately like the stereotype, I have friends whose idea of exercise is wandering down to the corner shop to buy a can of monster and a cake. I take some comfort that whilst when I started doing... Continue Reading →

Dreaded DOMs

Well, whilst I had expected to feel a little sore after Saturday I had not quite been expecting to be as bad as this. Four days after the event and my running shoes are unloved. Still despite not running I've had a decent swim session and pottered about on a mountain bike this evening. Update:... Continue Reading →

Short Tour of Bradwell

Well it has been far too long since I loped around the hills race wise so 11th August saw me line up for the Short Tour of Bradwell.  This is a 16 mile fell race (i.e. not flat) around some of the Derbyshire Hills starting and ending at Bradwell Village. Hindsight is a funny thing... Continue Reading →

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